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Ultimate Slot Security

ULTIMATE SLOT SECURITY - FROM Loss Prevention Technologies


Loss Prevention Technologies offers casinos cutting edge protection from slot machine incursions. Since slots generally comprise about 80% of casino revenues, the largest percentage of a casino's cash flow, an attack of this nature can be quickly executed and very costly. With over 3 million slot machines available worldwide, and quickly growing, slot cheating has become a lucrative business. When it comes to global cheating, we are talking not about a 100 million dollars, but literally hundreds and hundreds of millions.  For instance, 29% of all the people in the Nevada black book are slot cheats. Over 100 million dollars in losses has been documented for the people caught cheating in Nevada, yet 97.1% of all cheats go undetected.


A casino's complicated surveillance system is inadequate in exposing a slot cheater. A large casino may incorporate 500 cameras and VCRs that are working at all times, but, the majority of these cameras are monitoring the doorways, cages, elevators, and table games. With a potential 5000 slot machines on the floor, the slot cheat can operate completely undetected in the "blind spots" where they are not exposed to the cameras. 

The cheaters are moving targets and avoid "winning heat" by never operating for an extended period of time in one place. Also, professional cheaters are creating a "pyramid effect" by training new recruits' for a percentage of their earnings. This puts a new face in your casino daily and makes facial recognition technology virtually ineffective. 


Based on quarter denomination machines, slot-cheating groups can generate $1,000 an hour; this includes the time spent setting up and surveying for blind spots. These cheats know, that with a cheating device engaged, the hopper can be compromised for approximately $350 in less than 6 minutes. A slot cheating crew, working 4 days a week, can steal up to $750,000 per year. These seasoned cheaters can create cheating tools for less than $25 with parts that are readily available at local stores. For others, the tools are easily obtained via the black market and/or the Internet for $1,500 to $25,000.

The Loss Prevention Technologies Solution

Current slot machine designs do not prevent slot hopper theft because they allow access to counting optics and security arm assemblies. The solution is Loss Prevention Technologies's patented security system, which completely denies access "at the point of entry". Our system distinguishes coin counting from hopper security and achieves permanent protection. It has been proven effective on all known methods of hopper cheating including: snake-optic wands, magnets, wire hangers, monkey paws, kickstands, shims and sliders. If any attempt is made to compromise the hopper, the machine will be disabled as in an open door tilt. The results will be the same if an attempt from the inside is made to cut the wires or unplug components of our system. Once our system is installed, it is armed 24/7 (even when coins are being paid out) and is universal for all denomination machines. It is, indeed, the only effective slot hopper security device available today.  With our system protecting your machines, there is no need for replacing them with VERY EXPENSIVE ticket in, ticket out machines?

How Do We Know Your System Works?

Our patented security system has been tested by Gaming Laboratories International, Inc. and approved by State Of Nevada Gaming Control Board, State Of New Jersey Casino Control Commission, the Missouri Gaming Commission, the State Of Iowa Racing And Gaming Commission and Various International Jurisdictions.

How Can We Find Out More about the System?

Contact Us.   If and when you become a client, you will be permitted into the password protected areas of our website where client-related proprietary information is secured. 

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