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Our Mission


       If you are in the rarified club of casino management, you know there are gambling devices specifically designed to beat casino gambling machines. One of these, for which we coined the term, “the jackpotter,” blinds the infrared sensor that counts the coins. The cheater can rake in as many coins as he thinks feasible under the circumstances. Besides jackpotters, there are coin and bill accepter beaters, card counting devices and other high tech instruments designed to attack gaming technology. What a headache for casino owners and operators!

       Loss Prevention Technologies,  our security company, was built with the gaming industry in mind, helping casinos to realize the vulnerabilities attached to modern high tech cheating technology. The threat level of card counting, marked cards or loaded dice is much lower than the intense threat posed by a high-tech slot machine attack, relieving a casino of substantial revenues in minutes or even seconds. Our mission is to find existing and future vulnerabilities and present solid security solutions through consultation and/or counter cheating equipment. Our goal is to find the flaws BEFORE the criminal finds them. Our mission is to always beat the cheater before the cheater compromises the revenue and security of our clients.


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