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Management Bios

Mark - Our Secret Weapon against Casino Hackers

What kind of a person can penetrate the secrets of the serious casino hacker?

       Our Owner and Slot Machine Security Specialist, Mark is such a man. After many years of electronic design with an interest in hardware hacking and reverse engineering our security specialist became interested in the gaming industry. He followed articles about cheating gaming machines and became interested in how to protect them. He would purchase or borrow gaming machines, find the flaws and create a suitable protection for the machines.

       As Mark moved into the technology of defense, he soon realized that there was more than technology involved in the process of protecting casinos from an attack. For instance, to protect a casino, you had to know something about the newest devices that were about to emerge from the criminal underworld, where attacks might be launched, the scale of the attack, as well as the technological complexities of the cheating device. This was a matter for intelligence gathering from human as well as technical sources.

       To this end, Mark initiated a private alliance with a whole range of interested parties:  law enforcement agencies, experts in hacking technology, casino operators and security personnel, professional gamblers and others who were right on top of casino security issues in their location. This powerful network, which has taken years to develop, has given Mark access to new and emerging threats to casinos, but also to professionals who work daily to develop counter-technology to fight the cheaters. Mark is able, through long association with many people on the technical side of things, to quickly assess and develop counter measures to security threats. By virtue of his understanding of current cheating technology and measures needed to defend against it and a proprietary and carefully cultivated global network willing to share its knowledge, Mark is guaranteed to have THE BEST cutting edge tips about the new underground technological threats to the gaming industry.

Ted - A Public Face in a Private War

       Our Marketing Director, Ted is the public spokesman and chief negotiator for a gaming-oriented security company, whose goal is to develop top-flight security protocols for casinos facing high-tech attacks by a new generation of cheating devices. He is the public face of a highly secretive outside security operation that offers its services to corporate security officers throughout the world.

       The scope of Ted's role is very versatile. He does product presentations, sales marketing and service level agreement presentations for mid to large level clients. Ted's detail oriented job profile includes customer and product profiling, product customization as per each client's individual and specified needs. His goal has always been to optimize the results/outcome of their security products in any and every set up.

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